Wellness Program Needs and Interest Survey.

Successful wellness programs are designed to meet the needs and interests of the workers. Ask workers what they’re interested in, and what needs they have.

People  are more willing to participate and support wellness efforts if they’re involved in the decision-making process. Review the sample staff member survey provided below.

Worker Interest Survey ?.” can be edited (http – //www.ibx.com/pdfs/custom/workplace_wellness/business_tools/employee_interest_survey.doc)

When developing a recent survey, keep the following hints in mind –

o  Ask primarily closed form questions, especially if you will be sending the survey to a large number of staff. Closed form questions provide specific choices and are easy to tabulate.

o  Invite comments, suggestions and recommendations, or ask open-ended questions after the survey. Open-ended items are more difficult to summarize.

o  Include a brief explanatory cover letter with the survey with the signature of the business president. Make certain to include a statement about confidentiality and anonymity.

o  Ask a group of representative workers to review the survey before it is distributed. Find out if the questions are going to be understood by workers and won’t be objected to.

o  Include demographic information at the starting, or end of the survey (gender, age, shift, site, department, etc.).

o  Conduct a random drawing for a valued incentive item for all those who returned the survey. This could increase the response rate.

One rule to consider concerning surveys is if you have fewer than 500 employees, everyone should receive one.  The advantage of everyone receiving a recent survey could be significant. When you have over 500 employees, a sample of the work population from each department will suffice.

The higher the response, the more valid and reliable the results. A minimum response of 40% to 50% is considered valuable.

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