Health Promotion Program Return On Investment.

Wellness programs are a long-term investment. But how long should you wait for results? Finance and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) want hard numbers to show Return On Investment (ROI).  And wellness Return On Investment (ROI) is tougher to calculate than, say, a 401(k). 18-month guideline Current studies have established some benchmark data on wellness […]

Wellness Fairs with a Twist..

A few years ago, business health fairs were all the rage. Now they’re making a comeback, with a slight twist. In the past, the fairs often better served the provider(s) who came on-site than the needs of the hosting business or their staff members. More lately, businesses have refined the planning of the events to […]

Wellness Programs – Smoking Cessation.

Medical research has long shown quitting use of tobacco at any age can improve a person’s health. But a Duke Univ. shows that the group you could think would be the least likely to quit – individuals  over the age of 50 – might actually have the best odds for quitting through a tobacco use […]

What Health Vendors Are Not Telling You.

The corporations with the most cost-efficient health care programs are the ones that streamline the services workforce receive for both their physical and psychological health. As a long-term goal, having your general health plan, worker assistance program (EAP) and health promotion program communicating regularly with one another about employees’ treatments is the single best way […]

Health Promotion Program Budgets.

Trying to do more with less money? Here are three proven ways to align the dollars and cents of a wellness program in your budget. Common thread –  the way you prepare ?.” and control ?.” your budget for a health promotion program is vital to its success. 1. Top-down health promotion budget Depending on […]

Lobby groups take aim at wellness programs.

Given the huge growth of health promotion programs over the last two years, it was inevitable resistance would creep up among watchdog groups. In Washington, lobbyists have spearheaded a push for Congress, the DOL and IRS to crack down on “punitive” health promotion programs. Especially, the groups seek to limit wellness programs in which employees’ […]

Smaller Employers Adopting Disease Management.

A recent survey finds almost 42 percent of businesss with 200 or fewer staff have some sort of disease management program. That’s a enormous increase from four years ago, when just 28% of smaller employers offered such wellness programs. There’s more to come, too. Fifteen percent of respondents that didn’t currently have a disease management […]

Obesity Management Programs – Key Measures.

Thinking about an obesity-related disease management program for your business? Here is what you need to know. In order to be effective, the health promotion program must meet participants’ individual medical and psychological needs, not to mention your own organization’s need to control long-term healthcare costs. Exactly how wide-reaching should the program be? After all, […]

Starting a Health Promotion Program.

Create a culture of wellness within your corporation Develop Exemplary Management Support In the most successful Wellness Programs, upper managers lead their corporations by example.  And they work to ensure that the executive management structure not only allows, but actively encourages their workforce to participate. Organize a Health Promotion Advisory Team Health Promotion committees serve […]

Picking the Right Kind of Health Promotion Program.

Research shows that untargeted health-promotion campaigns have little long-term impact. Chronic illnesss, which rob individuals and families of their health and happiness, represent major costs to corporations in the form of health care and disability costs, lost productivity, and absenteeism. Health Promotion Programs should address risky behaviors that can help your workers eat healthier, increase […]